Several years ago, a career veteran of the garment industry met the engineer responsible for the largest and most accurate data-driven sizing regimen for canines. Both were convinced that there is no need to sacrifice luxury, sizing or utility when outfitting dogs.



Disgusted by the “Make-it-and-hope-people-buy-it” product lines of other companies providing flea market quality and charging boutique prices, Canine Atelier set out to assemble a collective of designers and artisans for each specific product who grasp the concept of tradition, but who are not bound by it.



Canine Atelier’s proprietary sizing regimen and data-informed design is what distinguishes our marque from other mere pet products. The Atelier’s design innovations in this sector are founded upon proven kinesiology, morphology and textile science. Our specialists are continuously searching for the finest raw materials available to supply our atelier.  It is said by our long-term customers that there is nothing further beyond the pieces we offer in our collection. Our lengthy knowledge and expertise is on display in all of our products.