Universal Seat Belt
  • Universal Seat Belt



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      Hitting the road with your favorite pooch? Keep them safe with the new universal YAP seatbelt! Made in USA from quality stainless steel and seatbelt material, our yap seatbelt’s patent pending design is guaranteed not to tangle or become stuck. 


      -Extends from 6" to almost 2'. Works in any car, foreign or domestic. Made from same nylon material that human seat belts are made of, cast steel, not stamped metal. Works with all of our harnesses and jackets

      -Some states require animals to be restrained in the car for occupant safety

      -Advantages over a crate/carseat: dog doesn't slam into the crate in an accident, easily goes from car to car in an instant

      -Dog will not escape from the car if a door or window is accidentally opened or opened by first responders after an accident.